The Big IF in Life: Discover the Biggest Purpose Ever Guiding You--A Spiritual Warm Up by [Quinn, Sharon] 


The book's and kindle's success has positioned Sharon on front page of November's site.  Thus, we decided to run a promo and lower the  price of the book to $9.95 and the kindle at $3.99, which is a savings of $5.00.  This promo makes it easy for  giving this gift to share this message with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“The Big IF in Life” helps the reader to clarify and de-clutter theology conflicts to regain a sense of self control, gain amazing insights and awaken higher consciousness revealing an enriched world of possibilities.

The book achieved positioning with the likes of other well know authors in the subjects of personal growth and spiritual awakening such as Wayne Dyer and Ekhart Tolle.”  



By the way, the Big IF in LIfe book is now a KINDLE, too. It just became live on Amazon for .99cents in the KINDLE format for all who like that format... 

I'm still a 'give me a book to hold, let me  bend the pages, add highlights, and make notations till my heart's content kind of a gal. Some of my books look like another mini book in the notations! Ahem... it is my book to embellish, eh?! lol 

I'm sure this price is an introductory offer. So it's a win-win for all: a new beginning  kick-off and  great bargain for seekers of TRUTH willing to take a chance on exploring a totally new paradigm for its doors of opportunity and new potentials to be realized and owned.  Take care. Click on the link for direct access to get yourself a copy.  Enjoy! 


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